Researcher Finds that Red Plates Increase Consumption of Junk Food

[Note: This is a hypothetical news story for your “News Assignment” and it is not real!]

A leading Marketing professor at SDSU conducted an experiment and found that red plates cause people to eat more unhealthy food.

The professor told her students that they would be watching a movie for thirty minutes and during this time were allowed to consume snacks. She distributed plates of potato chips to her students (male students received red plates and female students received white plates) before the movie began, and each plate had the same number of potato chips on them. The professor showed the movie and collected the plates afterward, secretly measuring how many potato chips were left on each plate.

She found that there were far fewer potato chips left on the red plates than on the white plates. In fact, 22 of the 35 red plates were completely empty (meaning all the potato chips had been eaten), while only 10 of the 35 white plates were empty. Thus, those who had red plates ate more than those who had white plates.

In conclusion, if consumers wish to lose weight, they might want to consider avoiding red plates for their homes or parties and should instead stick to typical white plates.