Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a way of thinking and speaking that helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and with others to achieve peace and understanding.

NVC is used to mediate conflict between individuals and organizations, in parenting, teaching, and management, and in developing self-awareness and self-growth. It is currently taught in over 100 countries around the world.

Developed in the 1960’s by psychologist and mediator Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, NVC is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only harm others when they do not recognize the most effective strategies for meeting their needs.

Prof. Chugani has taught a few NVC workshops at Donovan State Prison and is happy to bring on some volunteers if anyone is interested.

Below, Marshall Rosenberg explains some of the basic NVC concepts. To learn more, this book is highly recommended (here are Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 if you’d like a preview).